women’s football team bus robbery and female player suffers sexual abuse


Players from Abelhas Rainhas, a Brazilian team, lived moments of terror after the championship match.

The players of Abelhas Rainhas, the Brazilian women’s football team, lived through moments of terror this Wednesday. After the game with Fluminense do Piauí (defeat by 3-2, in the state championship), the bus that took the athletes was robbed. One of the players was sexually abused, reports the Brazilian press.

The Football Federation of Piauí (FFP) reported that the police were notified and managed to recover some stolen objects. However, the robbers fled.

“It felt like a horror movie. I couldn’t even sleep, thinking about everything that happened, that could have been worse, that it could have taken another direction, it could have had a sea of ​​blood with many athletes running, the driver running. A lot. terrifying,” stated Quitéria Alves, president of the club, in an interview with Globoesporte.

Begão Silva, coach of Abelhas Rainhas, reported the sexual abuse of one of the players. “It was a regrettable situation. Total despair. Unfortunately this happened. When they see that you are a woman…”, she said.



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