Women’s ball faces the risk of collapse due to corona virus

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Face a ball Foot For the ladiesA threat ExistentiallyBecause spread Pandemic virus Sk The newbie, according to What Male report Today Thursday For the union International For my players a ball Foot ProfessionalsVibro“.

and on Like Competitions Men, I stopped Matches The ladies at Different Over the world Because cases Closure, To limit From spread The virus Which hit Most Industries And from Between them Sports Paralyzed Complete.

Centered Low profile On Losses Finance Exorbitant For clubs And championships Men Puppet Stop Competitions, But The union She warned From Fragility Competitions Ladies, despite Its growth finally, And that at Shade Scarcity Championships Professionalism, AndPayroll Low And few Investment, What Lead to me weakness the system Structural For a ball The ladies Because The situation Present.

She called The union to me Measures Especially To keep On a ball Ladies, And she said: ”that growth a ball The ladies Exhibition At risk backing down right Now, Without insurance establish Solid To continue Run Term The Some Leagues And clubs The ladies Give up About The players, And degradation Their contracts He stopped Its activities“.

She bowed Leagues European For the game Time, Waiting for the light the green From Organizations Health For possibility Accommodation Matches, Until If Without masses To complete Championships Which Done Suspension Its competitors Ago More From Month.

And approved Norwegian Ada Hagerberg, Best Player at the world Previously, And that Bearing Colors club Lyon The French, that Each Things Non Confirmed at a ball Ladies, Air hostess at Interview With AgencyFrance Pressat time former: ”if You have seen suffering a ball Men, Could imagine Effect that On a ball The ladies“.

Stresses report The union International For players On Fragility put The players, at Shade Get 18% From them Just On Decades Professional Accredited It out From Before the Union InternationalViva“. And I got More From 60% From Female players who Are charging Salary, On Less From 600 Dollars monthly.

And chop the report: ”Must be that We protect Female players As people And as workers And avoid The unemployment Collective And stagnation. a ball The ladies Need For innovation And enter The two sectors The private And the year, The makers Policies And bodies Administrative, Arrives to me Companies Transport And shepherds“.

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