Women “work for free” from this Wednesday November 4

The women begin, this Wednesday, November 4 at 4:16 p.m., at “Work for free” because of pay inequalities persistent, according to the feminist newsletter The Glorious, who deplores the « stagnation » of these inequalities and demands that access to companies public procurement is conditional on progress in this area.

This symbolic date and time were calculated from European statistics on the pay gap between women and men in France. This year, this difference is 15.5%, against 15.4% last year (with a date determined then November 5 at 4:47 p.m.). “It is not improving, it is rather a stagnation”, regretted the economist Rebecca Amsellem, founder of Glorious.

Request for a “feminist economic recovery plan”

This year, the activists who relay the # 4Novembre16h16 movement launched a petition to demand a “ feminist economic recovery plan ”.

According to them, this should in particular make access to public markets, public subsidies and loans guaranteed by the State conditional on better respect for equal pay by companies. It would also be necessary “Support paternity leave equivalent to maternity leave”, and “Enhance the salaries of jobs where women are the most numerous, such as care jobs”, insists the text of the petition.

Since March 2019, each company with at least 250 employees must calculate and publish its gender equality index every year on the internet. This has also been the case since March 2020 for companies with 50 to 250 employees.

This index “Is a good idea, but it does not go far enough”, commented Rebecca Amsellem. “As it is the companies themselves that rate themselves, they can cheat”, she accused, also believing that companies can “Quite easily to play with the criteria” of the index to avoid a bad mark.

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