Women forced into prostitution: strike by thousands of bus drivers


Economic crisis it is hitting England. In fact, last July, inflation in the country rose above 10%, the first since the 1980s.

This condition has pushed the price of basic necessities up on energy bills, with a huge impact on residents to survive.

Citing a report from The Guardian on Thursday (9/22/2022), it is estimated that 20% of UK adults, or 10.9 million people, are in arrears on one or more household bills. According to a Money Advice Trust report, this figure has increased by 3 million since March.


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Not only that, according to the survey conducted by the charity Opinium of 2,000 British adults in August, it was found that 5.6 million people had lost their food in the past three months due to the cost of living crisis. With the cost of living so high, nearly 8 million people have sold personal or household items to pay their bills.

Research also shows that high energy prices make it difficult for millions of people because energy costs are now inaccessible. In fact, around 10.7 million people have seen their energy bills increase by £ 100 or more per month since April.

This means that more people are borrowing money to try and make ends meet. The charity estimates that more than 15 million people have to use credit to pay for basic necessities, while one in 10 have to borrow money from family or friends.

No less sadly, the rising cost of living has also brought many women into the prostitution business. Citing data from the British Collective of Prostitution, the number of women becoming commercial prostitutes (CSWs) has increased by 1/3 of the normal rate. This is due to the high cost of living.

This condition also affects the number of homeless people in the UK. In the first quarter of this year alone, the number of households in the UK who were homeless or at risk of homelessness increased by 5.4% from last year, to 74,230 households.

It doesn’t stop there, the UK transport sector is also in danger of “near-death”. Sure, more than 2,000 bus drivers in London and their 600 employees in Kent are scheduled to go on strike next week.

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