Women are stopped from competing in the Nordic combination in the Olympics

Nordic combination has been on the Olympic program since 1924.

That is, the combined sport at the Winter Olympics with both ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

But that is not the only thing that stands out with the discipline.

It also makes the fact that only men are allowed to participate in the branch. This will also be the case in the future, the IOC announces. At the same time, it is also clear that the competitions will survive the Olympic Games in 2026, even if they continue to hang loose for the future and 2030.

– The first reaction is that it is a sad decision for us girls in the combination and for the combination as a sport, says Norwegian Gyda Westvold Hansen, who herself competed in the World Cup last winter, to TV2.

“The pampers who rule”

The decision is made despite the fact that the first competitions for women in the discipline were held during the winter.

Norwegian national team coach Ivar Stuan is not gracious in his criticism of the IOC.

– I’m terribly disappointed for the girls. I do not know what basis they have used to reach this conclusion. It’s a mess from the past and a lack of equality. But it is the pampers who rule, says Stuan and continues:

– I am very disappointed with the IOC and the lack of respect and equality. To me, the decision is incomprehensible.

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