Woman with Rare Genetic Disorder: The Story of Jordan Lopez


Viral a woman in Dallas, United States has a rare genetic disorder. At first, he thought the blotches on his face were birthmarks and were harmless. But over time, the spots widen and appear like lumps.

The woman is Jordan Lopez (24). He admitted that he was aware of the birthmark, but only saw it as an irritation.

“I spent years hiding my birthmark with my hair because I felt it was the only way I could experience a normal life,” Lopez told Caters News. New York PostFriday (2/6/2023).

“I thought things that most kids don’t think about, like ‘If my parents didn’t want me, why was I created the way I am?’ and ‘Will I ever have a family of my own?’ he continued.

Conditions Worse After Childbirth

In a state of still wondering about the spots on his face, Lopez then met the man who became his current partner. Her partner accepts Lopez’s physique for what it is. They finally got married.

“I met the love of my life and he tried so hard to convince me that I deserve to be loved as a beautiful and extraordinary woman,” said Lopez.

Lopez became pregnant with the couple’s first child at the age of 18. during her pregnancy, the mark grew, spread, until the discharge came out.

“After I gave birth, I noticed my birthmark was swollen, cracked and oozing,” she said. He could no longer sleep on his side because of the stench of the lump.

One day, Lopez accidentally injured a large part of the mark. His condition turned increasingly serious. He checked himself into the emergency room. Lopez’s mother said the doctors didn’t know what they were looking at and were afraid to touch, test and do anything to it.

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As the birthmark continued to grow in size, Lopez said she lost all hope of living a normal life. He began to tear the mark to remove it.

“I eventually developed a habit of ripping. It wouldn’t stop growing, so I kept taking it, no matter how bad it hurt or how much blood it took,” Lopez said.

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