Woman sues Brad Pitt for defrauding: “We had a r …

An American woman has filed a lawsuit against Brad Pitt. The woman demands no less than 100,000 dollars (more than 84,000 euros) from the 56-year-old actor because he would have defrauded her. The woman even claims to have been in a relationship with the actor and the two have talked about getting married. Pitt himself denies everything.

50-year-old Kelli Christina from Texas, the CEO of a company specializing in health care, explains that she met Brad Pitt two years ago. The actor is said to have convinced her to make an effort for his ‘Make it right’ foundation, a charity dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Christina would organize the fundraising for the foundation and Pitt would – in exchange for a total of $ 40,000 (almost 34,000 euros) – give an appearance each time.

Christina wrote the money in advance, but the actor would then always cancel at the last minute and send his cat, court documents show. After four missed appointments, the woman sent a letter to Pitt, but she would never receive an answer. And it does not stop there: according to the woman, the two were so close to each other for a while that they started a relationship and there was even talked about getting married.

The woman is now demanding $ 100,000 in damages from the Hollywood star. Pitt’s lawyers, however, deny that he has anything to do with it, claiming that Christina fell victim to a cyber crook posing as the actor. “Neither the foundation nor Brad Pitt himself has made any agreements with her,” it said.


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