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Woman stabbed to death in public housing building

It was barely six in the morning and in this building a woman was bleeding to death crawling down the stairs looking for someone to help her after being stabbed.

“She left an apartment and was going down and fell right there because she lost a lot of blood,” said a neighbor.

But the help did not arrive in time and the woman, a 38-year-old Latina, lost her life.

It was on the stairs of the third floor of the building located at 2390 Second Avenue where the woman was found unconscious according to the police report.

A neighbor who did not want to go on camera says the woman went down 16 floors looking for help … leaving a trail of blood on the elevator and stairs.

“She was on the 16th floor and then she was running because you see she was knocking on the doors and they stabbed her,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors say the woman did not live in the Wagner public housing complex, but had been seen there for several days.

Some residents say they have seen an increase in homeless people coming to visit those who live in the apartments … and that in some cases they feel unsafe.

“Gentlemen live here who supposedly receive help and people who are on the streets come and go … She was on the fourth floor, taking drugs like that but they found her here dead,” said another neighbor.

Other neighbors say they are fearful after the incident and ask for the investigation to continue and for more security in the complex.

“It is that incredible. As I told you, the violence does not stop, it is something new every day, ”added another resident.

There are no arrests in this case yet, but the police are asking the public if they know anything to feel free to call Crime Stoppers’ confidential 1-888-57-clue.

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