Woman seriously injured in explosion in mobile home (Inland)

Turnhout / Mol –

At the Baalse Hei camping site in Roodhuisstraat in Turnhout, a woman was seriously injured in a fire in her mobile home.

The fire started around 6 am on Sunday morning when the woman wanted to make coffee. An explosion followed with a blowtorch. The fire brigade that rushed to the house could not prevent the caravan from burning out completely. The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing, but it may be an exploded gas cylinder.

The owner, a woman from Mol (year of birth), arrived at the campsite on Saturday evening. She was taken to the ZNA Stuivenberg in critical condition.

Forensic lab employees are on site to investigate the correct cause of the fire.

Photo: BFM

Woman seriously injured in explosion in mobile home
Photo: BFM

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