Woman rescued by her fiancé in the fiery hell of “Struma”: I did not see, I only heard his voice


A BNT team talks to a young couple – the fiancés Lyulyuzim and Medina, who survived the fiery hell in the bus that burned down on the Struma Motorway. The 26-year-old man is the one who found a way out of the situation and thus saved the only survivors.

Lulyuzim: Everything happened inside in seconds.

Medina: It was late and everyone was asleep. I also slept. My fiancé woke me up and broke the glass. Then he went downstairs. I did not see. I just heard his voice.

24 hours after the nightmare and despite the severe pain from the burns, Lyulyuzim and Medina greeted me visibly calm. The two fiancés are among the few survivors. Medina has no voice after the fire.

Medina: There was a man behind me who pushed himself. He was trying to save himself. Then I managed to get up. I went out the window. God protect us. The bus hit.

BNT: Did the fire break out then?

– Yes.

BNT: When did the ambulance come?

– Within 4 minutes.

Medina: We got engaged this year. We will get married soon. We were on a trip. We had a lot of fun there.

BNT: Did you have other relatives on the bus?


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