Woman Raped in Car Full of Passengers, No One Helps

Fiston Ngoy, the perpetrator of rape on a train full of passengers. (Source: Delaware County Jail Via New York Post)

PHILADELPHIA, KOMPAS.TV – A homeless woman was raped on a train full of passengers in Philadelphia, United States (US), this week.

Worse, according to the police, none of the passengers provided assistance to the victim or called 911.

The rape took place on Wednesday (13/10/2021), at 10 pm and was caught on CCTV camera, which showed many other people at the scene when the incident took place.

“Did they see it? I do not know. Again we are still doing video checks, but there are a lot of people,” said Police Chief Timothy Bernhardt of the Upper Darby Police Department. New York Post.

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“In my opinion, someone should have interfered. Someone should have done something,” he added.

He also emphasized that this is the picture of today’s society.

“I mean, who let that happen. So this is very disturbing,” he said.

Bernhardt said an employee from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) contacted police.

The officer reported there was something wrong with a woman riding in the car.



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