Woman Paraded Half-Naked and Burned to Death Confirmed Not Kidnapper!


The police said the half-naked woman paraded up burned alive in Sorong City, Southwest Papua, not child kidnappers. The police confirmed the accusations against the hoax victim.

“We can confirm that the victim is not a child kidnapper,” said the Sorong City Police Chief, Kombes Happy Perdana Yudianto, as reported by Antara. detikSulselThursday (26/1/2023).

Happy said the victim came from Buton, Southeast Sulawesi (Southeast Sulawesi). According to him, the victim had not been in Sorong for a long time.

“He is indeed from Southeast Sulawesi, a Butonese, just landed here,” said Happy.

But Happy admitted that he did not know why the victim was in Sorong. The victim is said to have no place to live.

“It seems that this person doesn’t have a home here. In other words, he is here. He has no relatives,” he said.

Previously it was reported that the victim was actually just passing by in a residential area at the Kokoda Km 8 Complex, East Sorong, Sorong City on Tuesday (24/1) around 06.30 WIT.

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Watch Video: Woman Accused of Kidnapping Stripped & Burned Alive in Sorong

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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