Woman in Hijab Showing Aurat on TikTok Uploads Apology Video

Asahan, North Sumatra – Some time ago there was a scene on social media a controversial video of a woman who spit out her genitals while wearing a hijab.

The video was uploaded on social media TikTok belongs to a woman named Aulia Salsabila Marpaung with the name id @babyca666__ who is a resident from Rahuning District, Asahan, North Sumatra.

In the video content on his TikTok account, he can be seen dancing with seductive gestures while wearing a hijab. The video became controversial because he was seen deliberately showing off his breasts.

The video content he uploaded also received a lot of negative responses from netizens because it contained pornographic elements and was considered disturbing.

In addition, the controversial video received criticism from the MUI and Muhammadiyah because it was considered to be insulting Islam and asked the parties to TikTok to remove content from the @babyca666__ account.

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