Woman Drinks Dog’s Urine: ‘Drinks dog urine’ every day, because, young woman pictures viral – reason behind american woman drinks dog’s urine everyday images viral

That’s itPeople do many things to maintain their facial beauty. In the meantime, do some unusual things. The American young woman has revealed a one-and-a-half powder to enhance such beauty.

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Young woman drinking dog urine (Photo: You Tube)

Lena, an American woman, says in a video that she drinks dog urine every day to maintain her beauty. ‘People often ask me what is the secret of her glowing skin. He will reply that his beauty secret is to drink dog urine every day. That way, the skin will not be damaged and will always be glowing, ‘says Lena. But no one who heard it could believe it yet.

Young woman drinking dog urine

Young woman drinking dog urine

Lena claims to drink dog urine every day and claims that her urine contains vitamins. Vitamins A, E and calcium are all helpful in treating cancer. Lena says it’s great to be able to eliminate cancer by drinking dog urine.

Young woman drinking dog urine

Young woman drinking dog urine

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A few weeks ago, Lena had pimples on her face. After drinking the dog’s urine for the first time it felt very strange. But, it was slowly growing into a habit. Lena says the biggest benefit is that all the acne is gone. Lena also claims that a special glow appeared on her face. After Lena shared the video, Lena’s facial beauty is now back in the spotlight around the world.



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