Woman demands painting back from Rijksmuseum | NOW

The now 88-year-old Rose-Marie Silbermann-Frenkel wants to get back a precious painting that she donated to the Rijksmuseum in 2013, reports NRC. The family has now seized the artwork.

This is a painting by the Utrecht painter and designer Bart van der Leck from 1918, which is now worth around 350,000 euros.

Silbermann-Frenkel says that she donated the painting in a confused state and that she was incompetent at the time of the donation. Her seventeen-year-old granddaughter then had a brain tumor. Voices in Silbermann-Frenkel’s head told her to give the painting as a sacrifice so that her granddaughter could survive.

The family says the museum has failed to comply with its duty to investigate. Current director Taco Dibbits has commented NRC state that the museum has acted “in good faith”. If the judge finds otherwise, the museum will return the painting.


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