Woman (48) suspected of murder of soldier in court | Inland

LIVE – Reporter Saskia Belleman is present at the trial. Follow the case via her tweets at the bottom of this article (from approximately 9:00 am).

The woman and Hoogerbrugge knew each other from Hoogeveen, where she lived before her emigration to Great Britain. Hala E. was arrested at her home town of Luton in Great Britain in August 2018.

‘Alibi turned out to be wrong’

During an earlier session, the OM announced that Hala E.’s DNA was found on the victim’s pillow and also on four glasses containing medicine residues. Her alibi turned out to be wrong. An acquaintance in Meppel and a friend in Tiendeveen with whom she had a relationship, say that Hala E. was not with them during the period that the soldier was murdered.

The last preparatory session was on January 29. In August of last year, the case appeared to be ready for a substantive hearing, but additional information from the Public Prosecution Service (OM) caused a postponement.

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