Wojciech Mann and Maciej Stuhr in Radio “Nowy Świat”

On Sunday morning, Wojciech Mann was a guest on Radio “Nowy Świat” Maciej Stuhr. The actor admitted that when he was in the studio, he felt “as if he had returned to a house he had not lived in for a long time, because someone was visiting his house”.

Mann and Stuhr talked, among others about the artist’s involvement in political affairs, to which Sting’s song “Russians” contributed. Mann emphasized that no one “attacked” Sting for this recording, as it was probably a reference to the strong criticism of Stuhr that he encountered while commenting on the current political life.

In the conversation, they also referred to Janusz Gajos – an actor who gained new popularity after his last speech at the Pol’and’Rock festival. Recall: – I want to mention one. Something that was made by a small – sorry for the phrase – a small man, with one movement of his hand divided our country and ourselves into two parts … This is a crime, because we know such examples, such draws from history – said Janusz Gajos, who was a guest Academy of Fine Arts at this year’s Pol’and’Rock Festival 2020 – the most beautiful house in the world. With an actor of the National Theater Interviewed by the editor-in-chief of Onet Kultura, Katarzyna Janowska.

Stuhr recalled that Gajos had been awarded many times, incl. Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2002) or the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2011) awarded by the president. As Stuhr ironically commented, most likely “the office was wrong”. Mann added that after all that had happened, “Mr. Janusz will sit down in a corner and think about it, and if he has some sense, he will cancel it all”.

We recall the loud statement by Janusz Gajos. The text continues below the video.

Maciej Stuhr also talked about how his life “changed dramatically over the last six months”. “Stopping in the fast-paced world can have its positive sides, as my family is convinced of,” argued the actor. He added: “I also realized that my life consisted of being constantly exposed to some kind of judgment. Not everyone likes my speaking here.”

He admitted that when he stopped having contact with the audience for a while, he “felt relieved” that he could hide for a while. Mann countered this by saying that being exposed and judged is a testament to humanity – it is also a refusal to hide from someone or something.

Mann and Stuhr in their conversation also referred to the breakdown in Polish society, which causes a lot of negative emotions. “The social division that took place made it much easier to cut myself off from negative matters. In the past, when someone accused me of playing something wrong, I wondered about it. (…) At the moment, when someone says something wrong, it is we believe that he is our enemy “- said the actor, adding that this is how Polish politicians act now. “This is a fatal side effect of the whole situation,” he concluded.

The Polish situation was illustrated by the broadcasters with the song Organka “Pogo”.

Stuhr also talked about his parents’ musical preferences (he mentioned that Jerzy Stuhr is an admirer of Elvis Presley), and also confessed how the years spent in music school influenced his famous parody of Stanisław Sojka.

During the course, the actor received a message from his wife, Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr, who congratulated him on the selection of the songs presented, but also remembered how she fell asleep standing during a Radiohead concert. Mann completed this anecdote by recalling how he fell asleep while conducting a heavy metal concert.

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