Wo Long will only have one difficulty mode

As with games Nioh previous of Ninja team, Wo Long is a Soulslike game that thrives on challenges. Many players later find the games too difficult and inaccessible.

talking with MP1stthe manufacturer Masaki Yamagiwa defended the decision of Ninja team maintain a fix.

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Team Ninja’s decision with Wo Long

“We are thinking that it is ‘nice’ to have a pre-established difficulty so that everyone has the same experience of overcoming a very intense obstacle and everyone has this sense of accomplishment.” these Masaki Yamagiwa.

Yamagiwa takes note of the options offered to players to play their way.

For example, the game features a morale system where players get stronger the more enemies they kill and can then choose which enemy morale level to face next.

There is also online multiplayer, where players can ask for help from friends, as well as fight to level up, just like in RPGs.

“We are really offering players their own way of dealing with all of these things, this is really important to Wo Long’s game design.”these Yamagiwa.

Wo Long: fallen dynasty it should be released next year on consoles Play stationXbox And PC.

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