News WNBA free agency 2020 : Los Angeles Sparks

WNBA free agency 2020 : Los Angeles Sparks


  • Some key elements

Players under contract: Chiney Ogwumike ; Candace Parker ; Nneka Ogwumike ; Maria Vadeeva ; Alexis Jones ; Sydney Wiese ; Marina Mabrey ; Kalani Brown

Cap space : about $ 650,000

Free agent notable : Chelsea Gray (Restricted Free Agent)

  • What are the team’s ambitions?

The Sparks will have spent a 2019 season on a roller coaster, alternating good winning streaks and bottomless losses. With a good workforce, Los Angeles disappointed and Derek Fisher never knew how to find the right chemistry. The stake now, it is the bottom of play. With such roster, the Sparks have the talent to still aim very high but for that you have to play good basketball. The team will probably be almost unchanged this offseason, so the goal will be to do better than in 2019, where they were sadly swept by the Sun in the semi-finals.

  • The priority: How much is Chelsea Gray worth?

Arriving in 2016 in Los Angeles, Chelsea Gray is undoubtedly one, if not the most clutch player in the league. She who is restricted free agent, Sparks can afford to wait and match the offers the franchise will receive to continue to take ownership of its services. After all, the Sparks have plenty of room for them… well, really? Certainly, 650,000 dollars for four places in the roster seems more than enough to keep it. But you also have to think about the future, and that’s where things get complicated. Because what will happen at the end of the season when the contracts of the sisters Ogwumike and Candace Parker are finished? With the retirement ofAlana Beard, the Sparks will certainly not want to part with the rest of their defensive base and their franchise player. If the Sparks want to keep these four players on the long term as well as the depth of the bench, they will have to make concessions. There is no doubt that other teams aiming for the title will want to hire Gray’s services. So will the Sparks line up on all the offers that come to them? Here is all the question.

The interior sector of Los Angeles is already well supplied, the priority is outside. With the Chelsea Gray case we just talked about, we will also have to try to replace the super defender who was the now retired Alana Beard. The problem being that most of the top defenders outside the WNBA are already under contract and that the teams having their rights will find it difficult to trade them, the Sparks will not be able to find an equivalent player at the same position. The site is larger than it seems. Los Angeles may want to extend some players now to prepare for the future, set up trades to expand their external sector or just get a few good free agents triggers to add space to their attack. The possibilities are endless and difficult to know which direction will want to choose LA.


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