Włocławek: Bishop Gębicki infected with coronavirus

Presence SARS-CoV-2 virus was found with him on Friday.

“The senior bishop was in home quarantine for almost two weeks, and for several days with symptoms of illness. He had no external contact with people outside the home, nor did he perform public liturgical services. From Wednesday to Thursday, the bishop was in the hospital, but returned to himself and remains in home isolation, has the classic symptoms of infection. We hope for a quick recovery of the bishop and we are asking for your prayers “- it was written in the statement of the Włocławek curia.

Bishop Gębicki was the auxiliary bishop of the Włocławek diocese for 21 years. Due to the age of 75, on July 8 – after the resignation was accepted by Pope Francis – retired.

A month ago, the infection was diagnosed at the bishop of Włocławek. Wiesław Mering, but after a period of domestic isolation, he has already returned to bishop’s duties.

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