WKÖ wants to talk to vida about laudamotion on Thursday – Economy –

WKÖ enters into a dialogue with vida
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In poker for the continued existence of the low-cost airline Laudamotion in Vienna, the Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) of the union vida is now offering talks for Thursday. The vida rejects the planned payment scheme of the laudamotion mother Ryanair, because flight attendants would then earn less than the minimum security.

The Chamber of Commerce gave the go-ahead for the Ryanair plans on May 19. “In the current situation we only have the choice, namely to make a decision for jobs at the home flight location … The alternative would be to give up the base in Vienna,” wrote Manfred Handerek, managing director of the aviation professional group at the WKÖ.

The aviation professional group said on Wednesday evening: “There are more than 300 jobs at stake in Austria as an aviation location. The WKÖ therefore wants to organize a meeting with the vida union for tomorrow, Thursday, so that a solution can be found, and with it the laudamotion base in Vienna to keep.”


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