Wizz air restores pilot salaries to pre-pandemic level – Market News

The airline plans to hire 200 new pilots by December 2021, so it will end the temporary salary reduction

Riga, September 14. Europe’s fastest growing airline Wizz Air announces today that, from 1 October 2021, it will restore the level of pilots ‘salaries to pre-Covid-19 levels, making it one of the first airlines to end temporary reductions in pilots’ salaries following a pandemic. This statement is related to Wizz Air the launch of the largest pilot and steward recruitment campaign to date to enable the airline to implement its ambitious growth plans.

Since Wizz Air continues to expand throughout the network, the airline plans to recruit 200 pilots and 800 cabin crew by December 2021. In the next ten years Wizz Air plans to create thousands more jobs as it plans to triple its fleet to 500 Airbus aircraft. To fill the vacancies created by this increase, Wizz Air by 2030, an average of 2,000 new staff will be recruited each year.

Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, a recruitment campaign has been launched since Wizz Air rapid expansion of the year. Since March 2020 Wizz Air has added 18 new bases and more than 300 new routes to its European and beyond network, and now with more than 1,000 routes to 197 destinations in 49 countries, its traffic is 100% higher than before Covid-19.

Michael Delehant, vice chairman of the board and chief operating officer of the group, said: “It is clear that last year was a difficult one for the industry, but today we are proud to announce that we are one of the first airlines to restore pilot salaries to pre-pandemic levels. We thank every employee for their continued loyalty, hard work and perseverance, which has been on display since March 2020. We continue to focus on sustainable growth, so we look forward to hiring thousands of new employees in our growing family in the years to come. ”

Candidates looking for a new and exciting adventure can learn more and apply here.

Andrāšs Rado, Wizz Air Group


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