Witness: the father of a victim of bullying in the papers: 2 pained my son and gave up the record for these reasons

New details revealed by the father of the young master, Mustafa, who was bullied by two young men, set him on fire, and recorded a scene that he burned with a mobile phone camera to ridicule him with papers. He said to “The Seventh Day” “My son is a master with special needs, although he is 32 years old.” However, his mental thinking does not exceed a 6-year-old child, a young Gulban of the Lord’s servants, who plays with his young brothers ’children, does not possess any educational skills, even unable to memorize small numbers, on the day of the accident he was on the street in the Al-Warraq region where we live, he was surprised by two young men who made a pesticide package He was thrown, burning him with his face and clothes, then they continued their crime with laughter and ridicule, and recorded a scene. Burn it with mobile phone cameras“.

The victim and his father

The father added: “A master came to us with the apartment with burns to his neck, in a bad condition. We rushed to take him to the hospital to rescue him. Then we went to the police station in Al-Warraq. We released a report of the incident. The two young men accused us of burning it. Please ask me to give up the report for fear of losing the future of the two young men, so I responded to their hope, gave up the report, and the prosecution decided to release them.“.

The defendants set fire to his neck

The victim’s father continued his speech: “My son’s master does not have a steady financial income. All I hope is for the state to provide him with a life that provides him with a decent life due to his health condition. Also, after I left the pension, I started working as a tuk-tuk driver, to provide expenses for him and his other siblings, Given the difficult conditions of life. “

The victim

The crime was revealed, after the El Warraq Police Department in Giza received a notification from a citizen with special needs, who suffered burns and scratches in the neck, that he was injured by two “specific” persons because they stopped and threatened him by one of them setting fire to his face using a “lighter” and a package of pesticides. Insect, and one of them photographed the incident on his mobile phone.

The victim’s father speaks for the seventh day

The security services were able to arrest the defendants, and the mobile phone containing the video clip, and facing them, they confessed to committing the incident, with the intention of joking, and the necessary legal measures were taken, and they were referred to the prosecution, which decided to release them after the victim’s father’s abdication..

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