Witness: Rania Youssef: He put (jazz) in my hair..and we created me free and confused my comfort

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef was a guest on the (3 Women program) shown on the (Sada Al Balad) channel, where she talked about many details, including her response to those who look at her from the outside and pass judgment on her from just seeing her and the clothes she wears.

She said during this television interview, on Friday evening, and was reported by the (Nort) website: “All the time you will be praying from las, and they judge me by my dress, not my personality, although even before I entered the artistic community, I dressed on my comfort.” The confusion is broad, this is open, but after this, external interference took place that changed our concepts.

And she continued: “The increased work makes the woman lose all her femininity, I mean, I began to wake up in the morning, the sound of my voice, the heart of a man.”

And she continued: “The real shame of my wandering is present, and in my man I am with them walking at work, and it is not possible to keep cute,” adding: “I am convinced that clothing is personal freedom and no one has any right to intervene in saying I wear what, because our Lord created me free, and the clothes People need not get in the mood. “

And she continued: “If I do a crazy thing, I will shave my hair a bump, I do this myself, because there is no need to break us into struts.” She continued: “I have a jazz in my hair, because it strengthens the bulb and softens.

Rania Youssef said: “My femininity is from Libra only, but the truth is from an atmosphere, it is not that pure, and I do not like orders and do not like oppression, even in my dealings with my daughters, they want absolute freedom, but in a certain extent we stand with him and talk about it,” adding: My father and his personality is commitment and discipline, and he is the one who has my secrets and is very understanding with me, despite the nature of his job as a military man. “

In a related context, Rania Youssef recently revealed that she was subjected to verbal harassment through her accounts on social media sites, and she also called for a deterrent law to confront this phenomenon, and sent a message to girls that they need to report immediately if exposed to this.

Rania wrote on her Twitter account: “Yes, I have been subjected to harassment, a word that every woman suffers from for many years and until this moment we suffer from it as if a ghost is haunting us everywhere. The incident of the young man who molested more than one girl is not individual, but there are thousands like this young man who permit themselves Harassment of all kinds just because it is the strongest, and this is not true!




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