Witness: On her birthday … the story of Diana Haddad’s conversion to Islam “by chance during Ramadan”

She was called the Princess of Arab Singing. She is one of the most famous singers on the Arab scene and is one of the most successful pioneering artists in the history of contemporary oriental music and in the Arab world. She participated in the amateur program Art Studio. Her albums “Sakin” are the Emirati Lebanese singer Diana Haddad.

Today coincides with October 1, the day of the artist’s 44th birthday, Diana Haddad, and “Hun” presents the story of her conversion to Islam and the controversy that arose around her and caused many confusion and rumors, during the following lines:

In May 2018, the artist, Diana Haddad, during her hosting of the “Human Group” program, on the “MPSC” channel, stated that she was born to a Christian father and a Muslim mother, explaining that the marriage of different religions in Lebanon is normal, “according to what (Henn) reported.

“Lebanon is a religiously tolerant state that does not differentiate between any religion. It is also multi-sectarian, and every citizen has the freedom to practice his belief.”

At the age of ten, Diana was keen to memorize verses from the Holy Qur’an, as a large number of Muslims used to surround her, so she began to get to know the Islamic religion closely.

Diana Haddad added that her previous marriage to the Muslim director Suhail Al-Abdoul, and her move to live in Kuwait, made her get acquainted with the Muslim community, because the nature of Kuwaiti society is very conservative and helped her acquire many Islamic customs and traditions.

And about the scenes of her conversion to Islam, she said: “It was a coincidence with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, and I fasted and read the Qur’an. There are many people who helped me adhere to the duties of Islam.”



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