“Without what you harden yourself” … 7 simple weight loss habits

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Friday 03 January 2020

Books- Haitham Al-Sheikh

Simple habits a person can exercise when they want to lose extra weight, as participants lost a study on the importance of diet and routine meals on average 3.1 kg after 12 weeks with these habits, more importantly, they reduced the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

We all need to follow an eating routine and stick to healthy habits, without having to limit ourselves to a specific type of food, so we have brought together 8 simple habits that help you control your weight without stressing yourself, according to the US Brightside website.

1. Drink 9 glasses of water per day

You should drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your meals, as one research has shown that this increases 44% more weight loss over 3 months.

Second, it is recommended to drink 12 to 13 cups of water for men and 9 cups for women a day, this habit keeps you hydrated and helps you get rid of toxins that are our enemies when trying to lose weight, and also makes you feel less hungry.

2. Avocado

Avocado, broccoli, apples, and carrots contain soluble fiber, which reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and a study found that for every 10 grams increase in this fiber, your body fat percentage decreases by 3.7%. 25-38 grams a day is recommended.

3. Sitting away from food served in restaurants

It sounds simple, but many of us probably don’t. If you’ve been sitting in front of a pretty cake for a long time, your desire to have it will increase. It is best to sit in a restaurant or café so as not to overlook the endless rows of delicious food.

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4. Get enough vitamin D

Sunlight has a positive effect on weight loss, this is caused by vitamin D. A study showed that after 4,599 women were followed for 4 years, higher levels of this vitamin were linked to weight loss.

In the event that you do not get enough sunlight, you can start using supplements, otherwise sitting outside for 10-15 minutes each morning can be very effective.

5. Eat a variety of foods in the meal

In order to avoid overeating it is best to get small portions of different foods for a varied meal.

6. Do not drink tea with milk.

Maybe we had dinner, but we still feel hungry before going to bed, so some of us prefer to have some tea with milk to reduce our appetite at night, but according to science, this is not a good idea.

The researchers say that tea contains high levels of compounds that help reduce fat, so the proteins in cow’s milk eliminate this ability to fight fat in tea. So, if you need to kill that feeling, all you have to do is have a cup of tea without milk.

7. Split main meals with another person

Dividing main meals with your friend or partner is a good trick when trying to eat smaller portions. Just order one meal for both of you and order two additional small plates. After finishing the main course, you will not feel guilty about enjoying a nice dessert.

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