Without pre-Olympic and penal failure, which made Jonathan González cry

Jessika Méndez

BBVA Stadium, Guadalupe, NL / 03/12/2020 01:02:42

The week has not been easy for Jonathan Gonzalez, First he was disappointed not to be summoned with the Mexican team for him Pre-Olympic and then, this Wednesday he missed a penalty in the knockout round in the Copa MX Semifinal before Juarez that almost left out Scratched.

Antonio Mohamed decided to give him a chance to collect and Jona was the first to do so, but sent the ball down the side of the post, so from there, she did not stop crying.

The Turk revealed that a deletion in MX Cup it could be key in his future on the blue-white bench; However, he made it clear to his player that he did not have to be like this, so he hugged him to calm him down and even joked that he had missed the shot so that Braves be trusted.

“I put Jonathan myself, I chose him because I trust him, the responsibility was all mine if he failed, therefore the decision to put him first was not the right one, he was second or third, but he kicked first and has that shot done well” , declared the Turk.

“I hugged him, I talked to him, he was crying, I told him that if I put him in these difficult times it is because I trust him, I continue to trust him to death, that if something went wrong it was my responsibility, that whoever was going to carry the Penance was me, but it was earned, he also brought great emotion for not having been called to the Pre-Olympic. “

“But it turned out well, because we did that penalty on purpose so that they would trust themselves,” he said with a smile, happy to have gotten the result that almost escaped them despite having infinity goal opportunities.



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