Without an ounce of shame.. a Saudi celebrity who sets only one condition for her marriage with an unprecedented boldness and without the slightest shame: My dowry is that my husband pledge to do this to me every night.!!

The Saudi writer Amal Al-Harbi surprised everyone by answering a question about the dowry she would ask for if she was offered a marriage, noting that the dowry would be a condition for approval of the marriage.

And she explained during her interview with the broadcast program stages on SBC that the dowry that she will ask is that: The husband sleeps in one room and she is in another room.

She added, directing her speech to the presenter of the program, Ali Al-Olayani: “I am sorry to you who invented the Saudi dress in order to make the dialogue between women and men.”

Pointing out that one aspect of this dialogue is like the man’s saying, “Where is the shemagh? And she continued: “A dress and a white color … the pinnacle of complexity.”

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