Without an iota of shame.. a very beautiful Saudi girl offers five million to anyone who marries her on one condition.. you will not believe what her condition is that set and shocked the Saudis! !

Saudi Visions magazine reported that it had received a call from a 33-year-old Saudi businesswoman who lives in the city of Jeddah, in the west of the Kingdom, offering five million riyals (one million and 330 thousand US dollars) to anyone who marries her.

The magazine said that the woman refused to reveal her name, and indicated that she meant “Rou’a” because she “cares about Saudi women in particular and tells their concerns.”

She explained that marriage is the only concern for her, as she was unsuccessful in choosing when she got married the first time, which was the last, reasoning that the reason for her divorce from her husband was greed, greed and love of money.

And she added, “I do not care at the present time whether the husband is looking for my money or not, because I have been patient for 3 years and cannot bear more than that. At the present time, I am looking for a husband who appreciates the marital ten and its duties, and is ready to marry him and pay him 5 million riyals, and he will live in With me in my private ‘villa’, provided that he agrees to all my conditions which I will share with him later.”

The lady called on whoever wants to propose marriage to her to send a letter to the magazine via fax or e-mail, provided that the message is delivered showing the person’s phone number and age, in order to be contacted when I want to marry him.

A social study in Saudi Arabia revealed that there are one and a half million Saudi girls who suffer from spinsterhood.

The study explained that the issue of muscle, culture and outdated ideas is behind the spread of this phenomenon, as Saudi girls made it clear that they tried to confront the positions of their fathers rejecting their marriages for reasons related to arithmetic, lineage and others related to the acquisition of the girl’s pension if she was working, in addition to the lack of judicial and legal support for their demands to marry whomever they wish when Most, but not all, conditions are met. However, these efforts quickly fail in the face of the parents’ insistence on their positions and their demand for the full descriptions of the expected husband.

The Director of the Research Unit at the University Studies Center for Girls, Dr. Noura Al-Shamlan, explained that the divorce rates in Saudi Arabia have increased from 25% to 60% during the past 20 years.

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