Without 11 AFF Cup 2020 dropouts, Shin Tae-yong asks for this in the Indonesia vs Timor Leste National Team Match: Okezone Bola

WITHOUT 11 AFF Cup 2020 dropouts, Shin Tae-yong ask for this in the game Indonesian National team vs Timor Leste on FIFA Matchday January 2022. Shin Tae-yong asked the Indonesian national team players who were called up for this month’s FIFA Matchday to work extra hard.

Because, the victory over Timor Leste is important for the Indonesian national team in order to boost its position in the FIFA rankings. For your information, for this month’s FIFA Matchday, Shin Tae-yong has just called 27 players.

(Egy (10), Witan (8) and Asnawi (8) missed the FIFA Matchday January 2022)

However, out of the 27 players, there are no 11 players who have graduated from the 2020 AFF Cup. They are Witan Sulaeman, Egy Maulana Vikri, and Asnawi Mangkualam who performed abroad.

Then, the other eight names were Ezra Walian, Marckho Sandy Meraudje, Ryuji Utomo, Kushedya Hari Yudo, Victor Igbonefo, Kadek Agung, Muhammad Riyandi, and Ahmad Agung.

Therefore, the South Korean coach asked his team to continue to work hard, focus and be disciplined in the training camp later. Considering that this event is very important ahead of the upcoming big event such as the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification.

“I hope the players continue to work hard, focus and discipline on this FIFA Match Day training camp,” said Shin Tae-yong in received release Okayzone.

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No wonder Shin Tae-yong asked his foster children to be really serious about the training camp later. Because, a series of names called for will be projected to appear in several events such as the 2022 AFF U-23 Cup, 2021 SEA Games, and 2023 Asian Cup Qualification which will be held close together.

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“This match is very important as part of preparation and seeing the development of players ahead of participating in the AFF U-23 Cup, SEA Games, and the upcoming Asian Cup Qualifications,” said Shin Tae-yong.

Shin Tae-yong

For your information, the players who were called up for this month’s FIFA Matchday were mostly personnel Indonesian National team in the AFF Cup 2020. However, only Elkan Baggott as an overseas player was called up.

The following is a list of 27 Indonesian national team players for the FIFA Matchday January 2022:

1. Muhammad Adi Satryo, Peach

2. Syahrul Trisna, Tira Persikabo

3. Ernando Ari, Persebaya

4. Nadeo Argawinata, Bali United

5. Fachruddin Aryanto, Madura United

6. Alfeandra Dewangga, PSIS

7. Elkan Baggott, Ipswich Town

8. Rizky Ridho, Persebaya

9. Achamad Figo, Arema FC

10. Primary Arhan, PSIS

11. Moh Edo Febriansyah, Persita

12. Sani Rizki, Bhayangkara FC

13. Rizky Dwi, Arema FC

14. Rachmat Irianto, Persebaya

15. Evan Dimas, Bhayangkara FC

16. Ricky Kambuaya, Persebaya

17. Syahrian Abhimanyu, Persija

18. Marselino Ferdinand, Persebaya

19. Crowded Rumakiek, Persipura

20. Irfan Jaya, Bali United

21. Yabes Roni, Bali United

22. Terens Puhiri, Borneo FC

23. Dedik Setiawan, Arema FC

24. Hanis Saghara, Tira Persikabo

25. Muhammad Rafli, Arema FC

26. Ronaldo Joybera, Madura United

27. Bayu Mohamad Fiqri, Persib

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