Within 5 Days, Wuhan Completed Corona Tests for 11 Million Citizens!


City authorities Wuhan from China Central on Sunday (8/8) local time said it had completed city-wide COVID-19 tests for more than 11 million people. The five-day mass testing was carried out after the reappearance of new cases of infection, more than a year after corona virus first appeared there.

As reported by the news agency AFP, Monday (9/8/2021), senior Wuhan official Li Tao said at a press conference on Sunday (8/8) as quoted by the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, the test which began on Tuesday (3/8), provides “full coverage” of all Wuhan residents, except for children under the age of six and students on summer vacation.

Earlier on Saturday (7/8), the city of Wuhan had recorded 37 cases COVID-19 which was transmitted locally and found 41 local Asymptomatic People (OTG) in the latest round of mass testing.

Last week, the offices Wuhan announced that seven cases of locally transmitted infection had been found among migrant workers in Wuhan. This case broke the record for a year without domestic cases after in early 2020, successfully eradicating the initial outbreak with an unprecedented lockdown.

Wuhan authorities said they were rapidly mobilizing more than 28,000 health workers in around 2,800 locations for this massive testing campaign.

China has succeeded in bringing down domestic cases to nearly zero after the coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan in late 2019, allowing the economy to recover and life to largely return to normal.

But the new outbreak has broken that record, as the fast-spreading Delta variant reached dozens of cities, after an infection among airport cleaners in Nanjing sparked a chain of cases that have been reported across the country.

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