Withdrawn by Prambors, Petition Appears to Decide to withdraw


Gofar Hilman Surprise me by joining one of the famous radio stations in Jakarta. Prambors’ decision to withdraw Gofar surprised many parties.

The following is Gofar’s story that has caused quite a stir recently:

1. Drawn by Prambors

“WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! This is the teaser that has appeared since yesterday! Welcome Gofar Hilman @pergijau #PramborsMorningShowwithGofarHilman,” Prambros wrote on his Twitter. So seen on Twitter’s Prambors. This has been the subject of much public discussion.

They did not expect that Prambors could attract Gofar to broadcast in the morning.

2. Petition Appears

Shortly after making the announcement, recently there was a lot of rejection petitions Gofar Hilman as the broadcaster of Prambors.

It appeared on change.org with the title Dear Prambors, why Gofar?. In his petition, one of the netizens admitted that he was surprised by the appointment of Gofar as a broadcaster.

“HAH? REALLY?! Prambors, a commercial social broadcast radio, top of mind young people even those who are no longer young, chose Gofar as the morning prime time announcer?!” open the netizen.

“I myself have been a Prambors listener since the days of Daginkz – Desta, Vena – Daniel, Desta – Gina, Danang – Darto, Arlingga Panega, and others,” he continued.

“I am surprised that starting Monday, May 23 2022, at the time when people go to work or college, drive themselves to school or are accompanied by their parents, Prambors will consciously (?) designate someone who is proud to sleep with hundreds of women, broadcasting on his frequency,” he explained again. .

“But isn’t the case over, even the victim has made a statement?” Is it true, Prambors’ classmates don’t understand the difficulty of proving and taking sides with the law against women victims of sexual harassment? Please, don’t let Gofar Hilman broadcast on Prambors. our son thinks that sleeping with hundreds of women is a normal thing to do.”

So far, the petition has been signed by more than 4,000 thousand people.

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Watch Videos “Receiving Rejection Petition, Gofar Hilman Says Goodbye to Resigning from Prambors
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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