With virtual edition, radio drama and special cycle by Juan Radrigán, Qulicura Teatro 2021 will be held | Arts and culture

With the motto “Our stage is your screen”, on January 7th the new edition of Quilicura Teatro Juan Radrigán 2021, the performing arts meeting organized by the Municipality of Quilicura and its Cultural Corporation.

At the opening will be presented Chilean re-readings of Shakespeare with scenes from classics by the English playwright, covered by local authors who have won the National Award: Romeo y Julieta, by Pablo Neruda; Hamlet, by Raúl Zurita; Rey Lear, by Nicanor Parra; and La Tempestad, by Juan Radrigán.

The staging is directed by Alfredo Castro and Rodrigo Pérez, who previously directed the iconic productions El Rey Lear and La Tempestad; respectively. It also brings together outstanding actors and actresses who were also part of its original casts such as Claudia Di Girolamo, Héctor Noguera, Gabriela Hernández and Francisco Ossa.

Chilean re-readings of Shakespeare

Quilicura Teatro 2021 will have a special program dedicated to the playwright who gives its name to the meeting, Juan Radrigán. When it is 40 years since the premiere of his first creations, 10 of his most recognized texts will be presented in different formats: The brutes – Factuals – Isabel exiled in Isabel – The madman and the sad – The guest – Drunken ghosts – The exile of the naked woman – Dancing for dead eyes – Richard III: The distorted – The tempest.

The billboard includes creations for family audiences (Vallena52, Alba and the 100 steps), plays and science (Random, The DNA of the beasts); the premieres of Report of a Burning Woman and The White Apron; a show of Tears, Jealousy and Doubts, and a selection of the main premieres of the 2020 season (A lot of witches flying through the sky, Oleaje, Night stories, El Bot, Bernarda).

White apron |  Ceded
White apron | Ceded

What’s new for this version

For this edition of the festival there is an extension in radio-theater format with a special cycle of the program School of Spectators in Cooperative, dedicated to 4 works from the National Dramaturgy Audio Library. It will also be part of the festival Quarantine love, a successful immersive theater experience on WhatsApp brought to Chile by Escenix and that today returns to fictionalize that Daniela Vega, Benjamín Vicuña, Mariana Di Girolamo, Francisco Pérez Bannen, Antonia Zegers, Álvaro Rudolphy, Patricia Rivadeneira or César Caillet, become your ex who returns in the middle of a pandemic.

Quarantine love
Quarantine love

Among the parallel activities, a Seminar dedicated to the work of Juan Radrigán by the collective El Finding, in addition to carrying out different workshops. The online presentations of the festival will be made through the channels of the Quilicura Cultural Corporation on the Facebook and YouTube platforms.

“In Quilicura we have always been aware of what it means for people to have access to culture and art. And in this vein this year, which has been so difficult for all of us, more than ever we believe that our neighbors need quality and free cultural views to help them put aside, even for a moment, problems and anxiety of not knowing what is coming to us tomorrow with this pandemic ”, concludes Juan Carrasco, mayor of the commune.


Quilicura Juan Radrigán Theater 2021
From January 7 to 31
Tuesday to Sunday, 12.00, 21.00 and 22.00
YouTube and Facebook Corporación Cultural Quilicura



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