With video: 40 years of commitment, musicality and commitment to the Ostseekrabben – Neustadt in Holstein

Neustadt/Grömitz. The name Ulla Borchert is inextricably linked to the accordion orchestra “Ostseekrabben” and the children’s and youth orchestra “Minikrabben”. Because she was the orchestra leader and conductor of the two popular orchestras for 40 years. Ulla Borchert recently received a very special award for her decades of commitment. At the annual general meeting of the Accordion Club Neustadt in Holstein with its accordion orchestra Ostseekrabben, Ulla Borchert received the conductor’s pin in gold with wreath from the German Harmonica Association for 40 years of conducting activity.

Born in Neustadt, she learned to play the accordion at the age of ten from Kapellmeister Werner Taubert. Since 1958 she has played in many different orchestras and clubs. In 1981 she founded her own orchestra with other enthusiastic accordion players from Neustadt and the surrounding area, thereby fulfilling a lifelong dream. Because she not only had concrete plans, but also always had “Grappen in her head” with her fellow players, her orchestra was given the name “Ostseekrabben“. From the founding of her Ostseekrabben until today she has led the accordion orchestra with great personal commitment and much success. 40 years in which she inspired people with her music and taught hundreds of students how to play the accordion. She has also conducted concert tours abroad, trained numerous children and, with her great love of music, led them to play the accordion.

Their orchestra has accompanied appearances on television and radio, many CDs have been recorded and not only the well-known and popular Advent concerts, which are well known and loved far beyond the borders of Neustadt, will be fondly remembered by the enthusiastic audience.

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A few years ago, Gisela Teuchert-Benker wrote about Ulla Borchert in the commemorative publication for 30 years of Baltic Sea crabs: “With her ideas, with her great commitment, with her incredible musicality, with her tireless commitment to accordion music, for her big heart in conveying it Music for children, young people and adults, with her visible joy in her work as musical director of the accordion orchestra ‘Ostseekrabben’, the cultural scene of the city of Neustadt in Holstein and the wider area would be unimaginable without her.”

At the last annual general meeting, Ulla Borchert resigned from her position as orchestra leader after 40 years and passed the baton on to one of her players. The rest of the board also changed extensively at this meeting (the reporter reported).

“We, as former board members, would also like to thank Ulla Borchert for her tireless commitment to accordion music, in which we were allowed to accompany her for many years. With her personality and her great musicality, she laid the building block for the 40-year success of the Ostseekrabben Accordion Orchestra,” emphasize the former chairwoman Elisabeth Keinki and the former treasurer Henning Beck to the reporter. Because Ulla Borchert arranged all the pieces herself, stood in front of the orchestra as a conductor and let everyone share in her joy in music. “We wish her lots of music for the future, because ‘without music, life would be a mistake’, as Friedrich Nietzsche already knew,” the two companions confirmed in conclusion.

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Fortunately, Ulla Borchert will not be able to do without accordion playing in the future either. Although she no longer wants to play in such a large orchestra, she will certainly entertain and delight guests with her music at some private celebrations as a small music group “Ulla & Friends”. (red/gm)

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