With this trick you can hide WhatsApp chats

This WhatsApp trick is simple but effective

Not all of them Whatsapp-Messages we send out around the world every day are intended for the eyes of others. Whether a secret love affair, private messages with your best friend or planning a surprise party – there are many reasons. You can protect a chat in Messenger from prying eyes with a very simple function. We tell you how to do it.

Archiving is available on Android and iOS

Every conversation can be archived and then no longer appears under the chats – it becomes virtually invisible. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android smartphone or an iPhone. The function does not delete the chat history – it is just no longer visible. When a new message arrives in the chat, it reappears in your chat history as usual.

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Archive chat on the Android smartphone

With an Adroid smartphone, you can activate the function by pressing the corresponding chat until a window opens on the screen. There press the archive icon (a square icon with an arrow in the middle) and the messages with this partner move to the archive and are no longer visible.

Would you like to take a look at the archived chats again? No problem! Simply scroll all the way down in the WhatsApp chat overview and select the “Archived Chats” item. To undo the archiving, find the appropriate conversation and click on “Undo archiving”.

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Hide WhatsApp on iPhone

If you want to hide a chat on the iPhone, swipe your finger on the conversation in the overview until the “Archive” function appears. A simple click and the conversation is no longer visible. To find the archived chat, pull the chat view down briefly. To bring the chat back completely, you have to click on the archived chat – a menu window opens, there you can select “Undo archiving”.

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