With this simple trick you prevent tulips from hanging

From January the tulips will be available in abundance again. A moment we always look forward to, because the cheerfully colored spring flowers gently herald the approaching spring. But when they hang it is a very sad sight. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this.

A pin in a bunch of flowers

All you have to do is pierce the stems with a pin, just below the flower. This way you prevent the flowers from hanging. Then put the tulips in one small layer of water in the vase, because that also prevents the flower from ‘looking down’. Top up the water occasionally, because they can drink quite a lot.

This way your tulips will stay beautiful for longer

In addition, the tips below also help to ensure that your tulips stay beautiful for longer:

  • Cut the stems Law off with a sharp knife, and not at an angle like with most other flowers. This prevents the tulips from absorbing too much water, causing them to droop.
  • Remove the leaves that are submerged in water and place them in a clean (!) vase.
  • Add cut flower food or a dash of chlorine for a more vigorous bloom and for water that stays clean longer.
  • Do not place tulips near ripening fruit, central heating or stove and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, change the contaminated water and cut an oblique piece off the stems again.

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