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LiviosFor those who don’t have a swimming pool in their garden, but still want to enjoy a refreshing dip, there is Swimmy. Through this app or website you can rent a swimming pool at someone’s home for a few hours, half or full day. But you can also rent out your own swimming pool to others. Bouwsite Livios tells how it works.

Rent or rent out

Swimmy is the Airbnb of the pools. Through this app you will find numerous swimming pools that you can rent in your area or near your holiday home. You pay a price per hour and per person. Just like with Airbnb, you will find a clear description of the swimming pool, what exactly is there and which rules you must adhere to. You search by location, date and number of people and immediately see the price of your day at the pool. Do you have your own swimming pool? Then you can also rent it out to others via Swimmy.

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For every occasion

Do you want to organize a pool party, but you don’t have a pool yourself? Or do you want to celebrate your birthday in an original way or perhaps hold a team building event with colleagues? Any reason is good to rent a pool. You can indicate an activity on the Swimmy website or app and immediately discover which pools are suitable for your event.


In Belgium, the application is currently only available in French. Are you planning a trip to the Ardennes? Then you can look for a swimming pool nearby if you understand a good word of French. In other holiday countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Germany you can also look for a day of cooling off at a swimming pool.

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