With these settings, you can enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 more

Here are the first tricks with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 settings

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will, despite the skepticism from the first reviewers, must again attract more than enough enthusiasts. If you belong, you can enjoy your smartphone even more with these settings.

Always watch Samsung Galaxy Note 20

When you turn off the device, you will in most cases have a ‘black’ screen. This is no longer necessary with the ‘always on’ option. You can then also view the display when your smartphone is off. If you go to the option via ‘settings’, ‘screen lock’ and ‘always on’, you can choose the button. However, that is not useful if there are confidential things on the display. If you do not press the button but the text box, you can choose which things you always want to view during ‘always on’.

Never lose the S Pen again

Nice, such an S Pen as a separate part, but for many people that is asking for problems. In no time you can leave it somewhere or forget it if it falls. There is also a solution for this. You can scroll to ‘removal’ via ‘settings’, ‘advanced futures’ and ‘S Pen’. If you enable the ‘Pen proximity’ option there, your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will beep if it is too far from the S Pen.

Never too many notifications on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Nowadays everyone sends a notification and that leads to annoyance. When users then turn off the notifications, it appears that they are missing important information. If you go to ‘status bar’ via ‘settings’ and ‘notifications’, you can set which notifications you do and do not want to see. Or these ‘toys’ the high price making up for it is waiting for Samsung.

Would you like to test more fun options? Here you see these and other suggestions.

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