with the THIRD WAVE of COVID-19 will come another SERIOUS DISEASE. This is what it is about »ILMETEO.it

CORONAVIRUS: with the THIRD WAVE of COVID-19 will come another SERIOUS DISEASE. Here’s what it is

With the THIRD WAVE of COVID-19 will come another SERIOUS DISEASE.One came new, Unfortunately
negative, a discovery that makes the world of science and medicine tremble and that revolves, needless to say, around coronavirus.
In fact, it turned out that the COVID-19 it can have neurological consequences, including a sharp escalation in the incidence of Parkinson’s disease. The warning comes from the authoritative Australian Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, the Florey, according to which theinflammation neural suffered by many positive patients is a key risk factor for contracting Parkinson’s.

In a report, published in the
Journal of Parkinson’s Disease
, the experts, led by Leah
, specialized in Parkinson’s olfactory loss,
recommend extensive screening e timely treatments. They also warn that degenerative disease is likely to characterize third wave of the pandemic COVID-19 and they estimate that three out of four people suffer neurological symptoms with the coronavirus. Finally, they argue that the symptoms themselves, ranging from encephalitis to loss of smell, are probably reported under.

I researchers del Florey Institute they particularly recommend the development of a screening protocol mass aimed at identifying people at risk of contracting the Parkinson or who are in the early stages of the disease. This could include smell and sight tests and brain scans to identify motor symptoms. I am also developing drug therapies which, if administered promptly, can slow down and stop the development of the disease.

This confirms how the coronavirus affects different parts of the body, not related to the respiratory system. If before it was thought that it left aftereffects only on the lungs, now the situation is different. And it can still change, being a new virus, of which we know little, perhaps too little.


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