With the heat, should we expect more mosquitoes in Côte-d’Or?

May 2022 is already a particularly hot month for the season, so it almost feels like summer, for better… and for worse. Who says summer, obviously says mosquitoes. While the first barbecues are out, so are the little blood-drinking insects. But aperitif regulars can be reassured, a lot of mosquitoes in May does not necessarily mean a lot of mosquitoes in summer.

Water, heat and lots of larvae

The temperature does not have a direct impact on mosquitoes, but rather on the larvae. They develop in water, but it must be warm enough, explains Monique Prost, president of the Entomological Society of Dijon: “The number of mosquitoes varies according to the seasons but especially the temperatures. The hotter it is, the warmer the water and therefore the more the larvae develop”. Inevitably, with temperatures approaching 30 degrees every day, the larvae were able to grow quietly.

These issues concern all mosquitoes, but in the case of the tiger mosquito, which is more closely monitored since it can transmit diseases such as madness, heat to other implications. Rémi Faussadier is the director of the Rhône-Alpes Interdepartmental Agreement for mosquito control: “the females sting more often, lay as much water but in less time so there is a runaway of the device”.

Tips to limit the number of mosquitoes

Not all areas are equal when it comes to the presence of mosquitoes. Wetlands, where water stagnates are mainly concerned, such as the Val de Saône, in Côte-d’Or. But mosquitoes can also settle in all places where there is lukewarm water, such as in water bowls for dogs.

To avoid their installation in these places, a few simple gestures are to be applied explains Catherine Roussel, sanitary engineer at the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: “for example, at least once a week empty saucers under flower pots, watering can bottoms, maintain ponds, gutters, cover rainwater collectors and empty, turn over or store anything lying around in the garden, like toys”.

These devices are valid for all mosquitoes, including tiger mosquitoes. The ARS is particularly vigilant to the proliferation of this species. With the return to normal international flights, the number of cases of lunatics and other tropical diseases could increase and with it, the risk that a tiger mosquito transmits them. A site is planned to report tiger mosquitoes and avoid their multiplication, even if for the moment they are very rare in Côte-d’Or.

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