With Snapchat+ test new paid features

With Snapchat + improve your user experience

Paid versions of your social networks continue to grow, after Twitter or even tik tok par exampleit’s around Snapchat to offer a paid version for the social network of ephemeral content with Snapchat +.

What’s new in Snapchat+?

Cet subscription wants to target hardcore fans of the social network by offering features that aim to enrich and improve the daily use of the application.

With Snapchat + closely follow the activity of your (best) friends

The first feature offered via the subscription is to be able to pin one of your contacts as “best friend #1 “. Once pinned, you will see its content in “preview” in your application and so you will not miss any of its posts. You can also write to this privileged contact with a single click.

Curious to know who watches your story ? This will be possible with the implementation of a reporting tool that will allow you to know who has seen your story and especially how many times.
These measures could play an important role for accounts related to a professional activity such as product placement and thus quantify theimpact that certain influencers can generate.
Always concerning your friends you will have access to their location history in the last 24 hours.

Snapchat+ helps boost the personalization of the app, as well as your sense of belonging

The parent company also announces the possibility of having access to exclusive Snapchat icons. Behind this somewhat vague wording, would hide the possibility of changing the icon of the application and thus pushing a little more home screen customization. An aesthetic measure that may seem trivial but which, like the avatar, reinforces the feeling of dedicated content for the user.

Finally, one of the last features put online during the deployment of Snapchat + would simply be the possibility ofdisplay on your profile that you are a premium subscriber.



This is what the BFF function might look like

Behind this subscription, a new funding strategy for social networks

The economic model of social networks is mainly based on advertising. Brands buy space in your network usage time to broadcast more or less relevant content depending on your location, your identity or even your areas of interest. But this economic model risks reaching its limits.

Indeed with its policy of fight against targeted advertising, Apple has seriously dented potential profits for social apps. With 54% of iOS users in North America, 30% in Europe and 25% of Apple brand fans worldwide, the potential targets for advertising are diminishing.

What’s more, Facebook doesn’t want to, since its IPO, Snap’s shares are worth half as much today as they were in 2017.

We must therefore find the right economic model: with more than 330 million monthly users, it seems utopian for the social network (but also for all of its colleagues) to return to the free registration and daily use. We must therefore bet on the fan base. For this, developers are condemned to always offer new features that can be paid for via subscriptions.

Towards a questioning of free social networks?

Overall, we are witnessing a questioning the economic model of the social network giants, as mentioned a few days ago through new monetization tools for Metaadvertising can no longer be the sole income of firms.

Percentages collected on the income of influencers, development of a marketplace to generate online sales of goods or services, implementation of a freemium model or even subscriptions to have access to exclusive content, the new avenues of revenue are multiplying .
These will only be viable if users are ready to switch from a service that is completely free for them to a service that includes subscriptions and add-on expenses?
Given the average time spent on social networks, particularly by 15-24 year olds (buyers of tomorrow), this is a transition that GAFAMs can make a success of and thus diversify their sources of income.

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