With outstanding performance, Al-Qadri elevates the stature of the Tunisian defense.

Al-Qadri restores prestige to the Tunisian defense with distinguished numbers

Coach Jalal Al-Qadri successfully completed a second mission since he took over the training of the Tunisian national football team. After he led the “Carthage Eagles” to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, he led them to qualify for the African Cup in Ivory Coast, after the victory over the Libyan national team, Tuesday, with a score of 1-0.

And the numbers confirm that Al-Qadri succeeded in his mission with the “Carthage Eagles”, where he was defeated only in two confrontations, the first in a friendly match against Brazil and the second against Australia in the World Cup finals.

Al-Qadri celebrated one year at the head of the Tunisian national team, with many achievements. He led the Eagles in 14 matches in all competitions, during which he achieved 8 wins, 4 draws and two losses, which are ideal numbers that prove him at the head of the Tunisian national team in the next stage.

As for the distinguished figure in Al-Qadri’s career with the Eagles, it is the defensive toughness that has become the strength of the Tunisian national team. During these matches, Tunisia scored in only two matches, the first against Brazil in a friendly in Paris, and the second against Australia, because the Tunisian national team loses every match during which it accepts goals. .

Although the Tunisian national team played many matches in the absence of influential names in defense such as Montaser Al-Talbi, Yassin Meriah, Nader Al-Ghandari and Dylan Bronn, it did not lose its balance, just as Al-Qadri succeeded in diversifying plans, in some matches it relied on three players in the axis, and in other matches it relied on The classic way, but in all confrontations win the challenge.

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The Tunisian national team, led by Al-Qadri, has a very strong defensive system, starting from the midfield players, especially the wall, which consists of Elias Al-Sakhiri and Issa Al-Aidouni, which helped the Eagles avoid accepting goals, and the defense regained its strength that it had lost in previous matches.

Qualifying for the finals without accepting any goal after 4 rounds has passed confirms that the Tunisian national team has a strong defense organization that helps it achieve its main goals, starting with qualifying for the final stage.

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