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The Encyclopedia of the Comedy TV Show trash can is now in the shops with the sticker ‘unauthorised’, but if it is up to the makers of the book, that sticker will be removed as soon as possible. The judge will rule in the case on Tuesday. What happened in the case surrounding the trash can-book?

In the autumn of 2021, publisher Noblesse will release a trash can-encyclopedia from† It is a reference work by the authors Rutger Vahl and Richard Groothuizen, including well-known characters and sketches from the series, which ran from 1990 to 2005.

Even before the book reaches the shelves, Herman Koch and Michiel Romeyn (photo) object. Of trash canmakers are not informed about the arrival of the book and want to see it first to see if property and portrait rights are being violated. “It is as if your couch is stolen and you are no longer allowed to sit on it,” Romeyn told NU.nl. “We didn’t get any insight. We just know it would be something like five hundred pages.”

They get access to it, but Koch and Romeyn don’t stop there. Now that they’ve seen the book, they want it to be emphasized more strongly that they were in no way involved in the making of the encyclopedia.

The judge sets the trash canmakers in favour: all copies of the book must bear a sticker stating that it is an unauthorized edition. That is already mentioned on the back cover. If the publisher does not comply with this, a penalty must be paid.

The publisher does not like that: he does not want a sticker on the book. Noblesse speaks of “a crazy verdict” and will appeal. This is also supported and co-financed by the Press Freedom Fund, founded by the journalists’ union NVJ and the Association of Editors in Chief. The judge allegedly took insufficient account of journalistic interests. “It must remain possible to publish an unauthorized book about a phenomenon such as… trash can.”

After some delay, the encyclopedia will be released in December, including a label that reads ‘unauthorized’† This is to avoid having to pay a hefty penalty. The judge will decide on Tuesday whether that sticker will still be removed from the books and whether Noblesse is therefore in the right.

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