With negative test access to hundreds of locations again: that’s how it works

1. Which activities and events can be visited?

From football games to yoga classes, casinos and theater performances, hundreds of locations and activities across the country have been selected for the government pilot. The first pilots will be held on April 9. A selection from the offer: Keukenhof, Artis, Groninger Museum, Madurodam, Dutch National Opera and Ballet, TivoliVredenburg and Paradiso.

Much of the program in theaters and concert halls has already been completed. Ellen ten Damme, Peter Pannekoek, OG3NE, Stef Bos, Ronald Goedemondt, Wende Snijders and Herman van Veen, among others, will perform in one of the 43 participating theaters.

On the government website all locations that participate. They are divided into five types of activities:

  • sports and youth activities
  • casinos and arcades
  • zoos, adventure and amusement parks and Keukenhof
  • cultural activities (monuments, museums, theaters, concerts and music venues)
  • business meetings

A maximum number of visitors per day is allowed per location. The locations are not open indefinitely: they are only accessible on certain dates, which can also be found in the activity lists.

New Fieldlabs are also being organized: at the 3FM Awards, where 1,500 visitors are welcome, and the Efteling, where 8,000 loyal visitors to the park are invited. These trials are separate from the test-proof pilots announced today.

3. How does testing work?

To gain access, visitors must have a quick test done at a test street of the Open Netherlands Foundation. That test is paid for by the government. The test appointment can be made on the website testenvoortoegang.nl and the test must be taken within 40 hours of the event. The results will be there within an hour.

In case of a negative test result, you will receive a code that you must enter in the special CoronaCheck app. This app then converts your negative test into a test certificate in the form of a QR code. This code is valid for a maximum of 40 hours and must be scanned at the door. You can enter at a green screen.

“You buy a ticket, then get tested. In case of a negative test, you can enter. If the result is positive, you have yourself tested again at the GGD and you go into quarantine,” said Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health. He expects that approximately 8,000 tests will be required for all activities every day.

4. Can you also use a negative result from another test location?

No, a negative test certificate from, for example, the GGD test street is not valid to gain access to the event, nor is the result of a home test or commercial test. Only the special test lane. “This is because you want to be sure that someone has actually tested negative,” says Minister De Jonge.

5. Do you have to adhere to the corona rules during the pilots?

Yes, you must also adhere to the applicable corona rules in this test. For example, the curfew applies and you must adhere to the basic rules such as washing your hands, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and having yourself tested in case of complaints.

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