With Healthbotics, Nigerian Imodoye Abioro digitizes blood donation and patient records

Guided by the constant need to improve the quality of healthcare in his country and in Africa, he embarked on digital innovation. Today, he is an influential figure in the Nigerian and global HealthTech scene.

Imodoye Abioro (pictured) is a Nigerian entrepreneur and doctor. A graduate of the University of Ibadan in 2018, he is also a self-taught IBM Cloud software developer. He is the founder and CEO of Healthbotics Ltd.

Healthbotics is a company that develops digital medical management solutions. It stood out through two products. The first, the Lend an Arm smart blood bank, established in 2017, connects donors and hospitals to blood banks. With this mobile and web solution, donors and recipients can chat with each other, organize or join collections and find the nearest blood bank.

The tech entrepreneur came up with this idea after a friend died of massive bleeding in the emergency room of a hospital where he worked as an on-call doctor. “This loss nearly broke me and so I was motivated to do something about some of these ongoing issues facing our hospitals and our healthcare delivery system.», explains Imodoye Abioro.

The second product developed by Healthbotics, Mediverse, is a voice-enabled, blockchain-backed electronic health record software. It allows doctors and nurses to enter and retrieve patient records by voice on any device.

Thanks to these two innovations, Imodoye Abioro won several awards in 2020, including the AI ​​for development Challenge, the young innovator award at the United Nations WSIS World Summit Awards, the African App Launchpad Cup competition. In 2021, he was awarded the third Young African Health Innovator Award from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations.

In 2018, Imodoye Abioro co-founded Bimi Online for africa, a health information aggregation platform, of which he was director of new technologies until December 2019. He was also from 2019 to 2020 the chief technology officer of Future Food Project, a technology start-up focused on the future of proteins.

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