with good weather, work resumes in the allotment gardens

The gardeners are smiling right now. The weather is ideal for prepare the soil, and start planting some vegetables. In family or shared gardens, we have a lot of fun. The spades, rakes, or even tillers are out. It smells of spring, and taking in the air and the sun while working puts everyone in a good mood. This is the case at the association of allotment gardens in the Yonnais region.

It has 360 members, spread over four sites, in the heart of the city. For Jocelyne, 77, finding her plot is a real pleasure: “With the period we live, it’s important. I love gardening, and also let off steam. Here, it’s my resource.” Right next door, Jacques also carefully prepares his plot. A row of beans, a row of peas, carrots and also flowers to make bouquets. But for him too, the goal is above all to to please yourself : “I really need to get away from it all, especially since I live in an apartment. Here, moreover, the people are nice. There is a good atmosphere.”

Jacques, hard at work © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

And then, eat their own fruits or vegetables, that we patiently watched grow, that is also pleasant, explains Alexandre, at work: “We harvest what we did, at least we know where it comes from. There is no product, nothing at all.”

Specialists will have recognized rows of beans ...
Specialists will have recognized rows of beans … © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

Each member can rent a piece of land, from 50 to 80 square meters. It costs him 30 to 50 euros per year. No question of selling what we have grown, it is forbidden. In any case, the economic aspect is not the most important, recalls Patrick Brillouet, the president of the association: “Originally, it was large plots, really to feed the family. Now it’s a hobby. And we have more and more young people, 30 or 35 years old, who come to spend Sunday here with their children ”.

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