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The events are organized by the National Electoral Council in conjunction with the Institute of Democracy.

From September 13 to 19, the National Electoral Council (CNE) in conjunction with the Institute of Democracy (IDD) They will open a cycle of events to commemorate the International Day of Democracy with forums, talks, cinema, recognitions under the concept of participation, equality and freedoms.

The United Nations (UN) stated that the September 15 of each year is commemorated the International Day of Democracy, so the National Electoral Council with him INDEED they are preparing a series of events that become “relevant when the country and the world face a pandemic where democracy becomes a transversal axis,” says the executive director of the Institute, Yadira Allán.

The opening event ‘Luces de la Democracia’ will be this September 13 and will begin at 09:00 at the facilities of the National Electoral Council, with a series of presentations on the electoral perspective in times of pandemic. It will have as exponents the analysts Simón Pachano, Santiago Nieto, Cecilia Calderón, Francisco Camino, Leandro Querido, as well as the electoral councilor José Cabrera Zurita.

From a position of community democracy, the Electoral Council invited the leaders of the indigenous movement of Conaie Apawki Castro, Nayra Chalán, Luis Maldonado.

Along with these talks, the Fish Eye Festival will take place, which constitutes a virtual cinema forum to remember the elections in 1966, as well as the transmission of the command of August 10, 1979.

The events that the organization will develop will be synchronized with the provincial electoral delegations that will also carry out the activities, some of them virtually.

Yadira Allán highlights that in the forums there will be speakers related to issues of democratic participation, electoral and political violence, equality and inclusion, the computer system as a mechanism for transparency in electoral processes, communication, international observation and achievements of the electoral processes in the country.

As part of this, a discussion will be held on the political participation of the LGTBI Q + population in the electoral processes.

The CNE in a solemn session plans to recognize the work of the Armed Forces and the National Police in the electoral processes of the country.

As part of this cinema forum, the film will be broadcast Fromchillema, September 16 at 3:00 p.m. national strikes will be the theme of the Ojo de Pez festival, on Friday, September 17. The film is scheduled for Saturday Montonera, 1809 the sublime cry; and, it will close on Sunday 19 with the film As the day comes.

The director of the IDD comments that this film festival will be synchronized with the 24 electoral delegations from 3:00 p.m., and after the transmission of the films, a debate forum will be held to encourage citizen participation. (I)


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