With digital knowledge to analog assets

Win customers through funnel marketing

Of course, you want to bring your knowledge, which you have digitized in refined form, to the people. A marketing strategy that has worked for me and for many other entrepreneurs is funnel marketing.

By making an unobtrusive post in social media or online communities, you first draw attention to yourself and the product, ideally with a reference to the product or company website.

There you arouse the interest of potential customers by introducing yourself and the product. Offering a small appetizer, similar to the piece of cheese at the cheese counter, which should make you want more, has proven itself here. In the form of a free e-book or short tutorial video, you can pass on part of your knowledge here and point out that this will be deepened in the actual product.

Once the product has been made palatable to the potential customer, he is advised of the purchase of the product. Only there is a price tag attached. This process of funnel marketing can be automated very well, which means that you only have to invest time once, and then potential customers are continuously directed to the website.

With these strategies it is possible to build up a knowledge business and thus escape the hamster wheel.



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