With continued distrust of vaccines… A place that gives ‘800,000 won’ for vaccination

In the U.S., where the COVID-19 vaccination is in progress, a local government has released money as a hurdle to resolve’vaccine mistrust’.

According to the Washington Post (WP) on the 18th (local time), the government of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, recently agreed to give a nursing facility employee $750 (about 820,000 won) if they get the vaccine.

In accordance with the CARES Act enacted earlier this year, some of the federal government subsidies will be used as vaccination incentives.

Incentives are provided to approximately 700 employees at the Gracedale Nursing Home, Northampton County’s largest nursing facility.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the emergency use of Pfizer’s Corona 19 vaccine and is currently undergoing large-scale distribution and vaccination.

In addition, the number of vaccinations is expected to increase further in the future as the FDA approves urgent use of modders and vaccines.

However, due to the spread of various false information, there are many people who do not believe in the safety of the vaccine, WP explained.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)


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