With Ar Redadeg, Rennes in the race for the Breton language

“Brezhoneg, yezh ofisiel! “ The Breton language echoed on the Mail François-Mitterrand, at Rennes, this Thursday, May 27, at the passage of the Redadeg. The partial censorship of the law on regional languages ​​by the Constitutional Council, on May 21, gave a new turn to the race for the Breton language, part of Carhaix (Finistère) and whose arrival is scheduled this Saturday, May 29 in Guingamp (Côtes-d’Armor).

“Breton, official language! “, thus proclaimed some of the hundreds of people, associative activists, teachers, families, echoing the hostile decision of the Sages of the rue de Montpensier with regard to immersive education and signs specific to regional languages.

The runners applauded by the terraces

“What is France afraid of? “, wonders Montserrat Casacuberta Palmada, municipal councilor for languages ​​in Brittany, not really reassured by the comments made in recent days by Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

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Arrived from the Malakoff bridge, the convoy greeted by the mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré offered two trips and a return on the Mail before heading towards République. The children of the three sectors (Div Yezh, Diwan, Divaskell) opened the procession, greatly applauded as they passed the terraces.

“To be multilingual is to be richer”

“La Redadeg is a moment of joy, which celebrates diversity, resumes Montserrat Casacuberta Palmada. To be multilingual is to be richer. It is incredible that the government does not recognize this more. In Catalonia, where I come from, languages ​​cement living together and social cohesion. “

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A thousand people, from kindergarten to adult lessons, learn Breton in Rennes. The municipality is counting on four openings of bilingual courses in public schools by 2026 and wants to develop language practices in nurseries or libraries.

Demonstration in Guingamp on Saturday May 29

Claire and Ronan, in their thirties, have not missed the Redadeg since the birth of their daughter, educated in a bilingual class in Rennes: “This year, it was more than ever necessary to run. The passage of the Molac law had given us a lot of hope, now we are waiting for decisions to be taken. “

The couple will go to demonstrate as a family, this Saturday, May 29 in Guingamp, with the defenders of regional languages. “The Breton language is a pillar of our culture, just like music, emphasizes Ronan. Without Breton, no Brittany! “

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Earlier in the day, Skeudenn Bro Roazhon, the cultural association of the country of Rennes, offered two concerts to students of the public school of Gantelles and of the Diwan school of Blosne. An Daou Dangi, with a lot of humor, and Tatiche, with fervor and poetry, sang in Breton, Gallo and Kabyle.

The Redadeg continued its journey until the curfew and will resume this Friday, May 28, at 6 am, between Rennes and Fougères.

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